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SCIP Abattoirs



SCIP Engineering Group in association with van Vliet de Wet and Partners, offer process, mechanical, structural and civil consulting engineering services specializing in abattoirs, meat processing facilities and associated projects. The partners of the firm have for the last 40 years been intimately involved in the design and supervision during construction of plants for the meat industry. Their experience covers all aspects of abattoir and meat processing facilities, both locally and internationally.


The partners were responsible for the planning and supervision work during construction of many new abattoirs. These abattoirs range in size from the small rural facilities to some of the largest abattoirs in the country. A number of these abattoirs have been designed to comply with the stringent European Union export standards. They also include the design of slaughter facilities complying with Halaal and Kosher ritual requirements. The firm also has extensive experience in upgrading existing plants to improve throughput and to optimise the use of existing facilities.


Abattoir Design and Implementation


From the smallest of rural abattoirs to the most modern abattoir designed for large scale production and export to all markets across the world. The abattoirs we design achieve European Export Standards and are rated as the highest quality facilities. Our export standard abattoir design is fully automated to clients’ requirements all the way from when the animal enters the facility from the lairages to where the retail cut gets dispatched from the processing area.


The highest specification equipment is used to attain the highest yields and quality of the product. Our deboning design layouts optimise the flow of product and minimise the human resources necessary, this is done by omitting wastage in processes and product flows. Knowing the product and what is required from the start saves the client immensely in costs and time.


Our complete service delivery begins on a blank canvass with a conceptual design and ends with a fully operational plant. With the correct design and management of abattoirs, various diseases can be nullified such as the outbreak of Listeria which causes Listeriosis or the spread of Salmonella, for example, can be mitigated by the right processes in correctly designed Abattoirs.

Ours Services include:

Modern Abattoir Design / Modern Slaughter House Design

Mini/Small Abattoir Design

Export Standard Abattoir Design / Slaughter House Design

Lairage Design using Temple Grandin Principles

Abattoir Design including Process Design

Abattoir Slaughter Process

Red Offal Room Design

Rough Offal Room Design

Deboning Room Design

Processing Room Design

Lairage Design

Turnkey Abattoir Design

Low Throughput Abattoir Design

High Throughput Abattoir Design

Abattoir Structural and Civil Design

Abattoir Design Plans



  • Abattoir Layouts
  • Small Scale Abattoir Layouts
  • Mini Abattoir Layouts
  • Abattoir Floor Plans
  • Slaughter Floor Layouts
  • Amenities Layouts
  • Abattoir Building Plans with a Holistic View of all Processes


  • Meat Refrigeration and Storage Design
  • Carcass Cold Rooms
  • Meat Chiller Stores
  • Meat Freezer Stores
  • Offal Blast Freezers
  • Drop Down Freezers for Meat & Offal
  • Meat Blast Freezers

Meat Processing Designs for

  • Meat Deboning / Boning
  • Deboning Layouts
  • Boning Layouts
  • Meat Retail Packing Design
  • Meat Processing Design
  • Offal Processing & Packaging
  • Meat Packaging and Labelling
  • Meat Vacuum Pack
  • Meat Maturation
  • Wet Aged Meat / Dry Aged Meat
  • Meat Value Adding

Equipment Direction

  • Processing Equipment
  • Deboning Equipment
  • Abattoir Equipment for the Slaughter Floor
  • Incorporation of Equipment into Process Design


SCIP’s African footprint is ever growing as work started in South Africa and is continuously expanding North into the entire SADC (Southern African Development Community) Region and beyond. In 2016 SCIP signed a working agreement with PROAND New Zealand, a global abattoir design Engineering Firm with projects globally. Together forging one of the world’s most experienced design team in the meat industry with a combined experience of over 70 years in meat infrastructure design and implementation projects.


SCIP’s global recognition is ever growing and with continuous development through visits to IFFA, the Red Meat Abattoir Association’s annual conference in South Africa and the Value Added Agriculture Expo in Kenya, SCIP is poised to become a world leader in the design of Abattoirs and associated facilities for the meat industry

Here is a time step video of the construction of one of South Africa’s large scale cattle abattoirs designed by SCIP.

Below is a list of some of our clients:

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